4 Proven Fundraising Event Ideas To Raise More Money

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Written by Tim Grable

May 10, 2019

Organizing a fundraising event is a traditional way of gathering support for a cause. It’s no surprise why, considering that their potential for raising money is significant.

However, while they can be extremely lucrative, charity events also require an investment of resources and careful planning. However, it would help if you weren’t discouraged or intimidated by this.

With proven fundraising event ideas, your next event can be a resounding success.

Be sure to keep on reading this article, because the following ideas which we’re going to highlight will surely capture your interest and inspire you.

1. Raise more money for your non-profit without leaving your home? Yes, it is possible.

While the idea of hosting an online fundraising event may be overwhelming, there are several benefits that you can’t get from an in-person fundraiser:

Lower costs: No rental fees, no meals, no travel costs, no venue fees! The money you save on expenses will help you do more.

Exposure: Your audience can attend to your online gala from the comfort of their living room. This makes it possible to attract a worldwide audience instead of the usual donors in your community.

Data gathering: When attendees enter their signup information, that data can be captured and added to your donor database.   Making it one of the most proven fundraising event ideas.

Longevity: When the Livestream is over, the virtual fundraising campaign continues. Your online event can be viewed for months allowing you to raise more money.

Sponsorship: Digital sponsorship is more accessible than in-person ones. Smaller companies that don’t have the staff or budget to support a live event are often willing to sponsor a virtual fundraiser.

Engagement: The number of options for keeping your audience engaged online is astonishing. Consider adding a group chat to your virtual event. Take audience polls and post the results. Using a hashtag makes it easy to see what your audience is saying about your event and easy for donors to connect. 

2. A Benefit Concert

Music is an appropriate addition to most events. However, in the case of a fundraising event, it can be a goldmine.

Organizing a concert can be one of the proven fundraising event ideas that you can set into action. Regardless of the event’s size, the place where you want to host it, and how many people you’re aiming to attract, you can find a music act that will fit your event’s needs.

3 Proven Fundraising Event Ideas Proven To Raise More Money

In terms of monetizing a benefit concert, you have many options at your disposal, such as:

  • Charging for tickets.
  • Including donation boxes.
  • Selling concert merch.
  • Charging an additional fee for backstage access.

Once you’ve established the scale of your benefit concert and which are the best ways to monetize it, you can go ahead and hire the best musicians or bands that you think will fit the bill and begin to raise more money for your organization.

3. A Variety Show

With this type of event, your focus will have to be on the entertainment aspect.

Although there is no need for a large stage or a huge venue, you will have to pay extra attention to what kind of entertainment you will offer your guests. Try to pick something that the vast majority of your guests will enjoy.

For example, you can organize a magic-infused event and have variety shows performers entertain and delight your guests. Pick acts that are interactive to make the audience feel more involved in the event.

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4. An Auction

Organizing an auction can be one of the proven fundraising event ideas. They are known for their potential to raise money and they’re beneficial when it comes to engaging the participants.

The key to organizing a successful auction is to have the right items for sale. Look for items that your donors are going to find exciting. Plus, know that the more exclusive an item is, the better.

Art is usually a choice you can’t go wrong with at an auction. Also, you can even use this opportunity to hire an artist to paint an item that will be auctioned off.

art, artist, auction

Heidi Schwartz is a live event painter that you won’t regret hiring, as she can immortalize your event into one painting.

Her painting will most likely be highly-coveted by all those attending your charity, making it an ideal item to include in your auction.

Which Proven Fundraising Event Ideas Will You Go For?

If implemented well, the ideas featured in this article can help you raise much money for your cause, so we hope you will consider giving them a try.

If you need help finding the right performer for your event, you can give us a call at (615) 283-0039, and we will gladly assist you!

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