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How do you create successful online programs that engage a remote audience?

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Companies of all sizes are transitioning their events to digital spaces, having to learn how to create successful online programs. The greatest challenge for them is figuring out how to engage a remote audience. One of the best solutions you have at your disposal is virtual event entertainment.


Create an Engaging Event by Making it Fun and Interesting

Energize your audience from the get-go with a dynamic comedy act performed by professional entertainers with years of industry experience.  Whether you choose to feature a video which the comedian has recorded in advance or hire them for a live performance, this type of entertainment will bring excitement and fun.

You can also choose to captivate your guests with a virtual magic show, which will keep them glued to their seats. Our talented magicians are incredible at designing engagement opportunities, which will make your event feel more dynamic and more interactive.  Musical performances and, of course, keynote speeches delivered by expert speakers also translate very well to virtual meetups.

Use the power of entertainment to create a memorable experience for your guests. There are many types of corporate gatherings that can be made better with entertainment.


Types of Corporate Virtual Events which Can be Elevated with Entertainment

Depending on the type of corporate virtual gathering you are planning and your goals, there are different ways in which you can use entertainment to make it as successful as it can be. 

  • Virtual Company Party
  • Online Conference
  • Webinar
  • Digital Employee Training Sessions
  • Product Launches
  • Executive Meetings
  • Appreciation Events
  • Company or Organization Milestone
  • Sales Meetings
  • Holiday Parties
  • Networking Meetings
  • Online Galas
  • Virtual Roundtable
  • Shareholder / Corporate Board Meetings
  • Year-End Functions

Top Virtual Entertainment Options

Virtual event entertainment comes in many different flavors. Our entertainers can work with you to create customized experiences for your event by integrating key messages which support your event’s goals into their material—adding segments into their performances, which are custom-crafted to your industry, audience, and more.

Here are some of the best options you have at your disposal right now.

    Popular Platforms for Hosting Virtual Event Entertainment

    Our entertainers have the necessary equipment, environment, and skills to perform on almost any of the most popular web conferencing software platforms, including:

    6 Ideas on How to Use Virtual Event Entertainment

    Virtual Hosting

    Make sure your virtual meetup stays on track by booking a professional virtual emcee to act as your online host.

    Meeting Opener

    Book an intro act to make sure the beginning of the event is exciting and energizes attendees so that they feel motivated to stay tuned.

    Event Highlight

    Showcase the entertainment as one of the high-points of your event and get people excited to attend.

    Virtual Keynote Speaker

    Virtual speakers provide vanguard insight at online meetings, educate attendees, and offer new perspectives in their industries.

    Interstitials for Virtual Meetings

    Work a pre-recorded video into your virtual event or presentation, or book an entertainer to pop in between speaker sessions, adding moments of fun and interaction.

    Closing on a High Note

    Giving guests the chance to experience a top entertainer perform is the perfect cap-off to a full-day virtual session.

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